My Story

I'm sure you would like to learn more about me and why I chose to join the Unicity Franchise. Above is a photo of me in Puerto Rico at a Unicty event.

Here's my story:

Last May (2011) my mom joined the Unicity Franchise, she stepped out of her comfort level, spent money she didn't have and signed up.  For the first few months she didn't do a whole lot with the company but towards the end of July and into August she really began to promote the company.  She had seen what the products were doing for her and became excited.  Just yesterday my mom told me that Unictiy had put over $3000 into her account, and she has made over $12,000 since July, she hasn't even been in the Franchise for a year yet!
  • My mom has hereditary high cholesterol and is on medication for that as well as her heart.  Her cholesterol count is now in normal levels and she has lost weight as well as inches, dropping from a size 10 to a size 2!!!
Now, here we are in February, my mom was very excited because she generated enough points and business, she has 85 associated beneath her since July 2011, to earn an all expense paid Unicity reward trip to Puerto Rico!!  Well, my mom couldn't attend the event because of her 9-5 job, so she transferred the trip to my dad, and he was able to bring a guest ME!

I arrived in Puerto Rico late Wed. evening, and attended the first Unicty event of my life on Thursday morning.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but WOW was I impressed.  Every single person that I met was extremely humble, here I was mingling with mult-millionaires, people making anywhere from $6K-$60K PER MONTH, and they were humble.

After being dined, taken to the rain forest, snorkeling and a glorious evening at a Hacienda I knew that I wanted to be a part of this company.  The day I arrive home I signed up as a Manager, and started this blog.

I HAVE used the product before, I purchased it from my mom when she started.  I have inherited high cholesterol from my mom and was on a very low carb diet which had not helped my cholesterol levels at all.  After about 3 months of being on SLIM my cholesterol was in normal range and my doctor was very impressed.

I would LOVE to help you or those you love, too many people are suffering from Heart Disease and/or Diabetes as well as being overweight and unfit.  Please contact me to learn more, Unicity is just beginning to take off in the United States, this is a franchise you can join at ground level.  No, you don't have to join to get the products, you can purchase them from me, but it is much more cost effective to join the program.