Transformation Program

Many people have been transformed by the Unicity BiosLife Transformation program, here are some photos of just a few people who have changed their lives.  This is NOT a diet.

The Make Life Better Transformation is the result of years of research, clinical studies, and development by the experts at Unicity Sciences. They've created an experience that combines tested health and wellness principles with world-class products. 

The experience is then personalized to you, through the knowledge and experience of a certified Success Coach. The Make Life Better Transformation provides a customized change in lifestyle for anyone wanting to take charge of their health and overall well being. 

The Make Life Better Transformation is designed to help you achieve personalized results. Whether you're looking to shed pounds and inches, hoping to have more energy, or just wanting to look and feel more confident, the experience will help increase your ability to maintain positive changes throughout your life. 

To achieve this objective, your Transformation will evolve during the 13-week period. Important principles will be introduced at the beginning of the process, and your Success Coach will help you apply those principles to your own circumstances. Results will come as you learn these principles and then incorporate them into your daily routine. 

Millions are looking for an answer to better health and more effective weight loss. Unicity Sciences has cracked that code! They not only want you to transform, they want to transform the culture of personal health. 

More than 200 million North Americans are overweight. Millions are diabetic or pre-diabetic. Millions more are just looking for a reprieve from the constant weight roller coaster - spending money on a fancy new diet and losing weight, only to gain it all right back. 

The reason so many diets fail? Most diets and fitness programs focus only on short term weight loss or physical appearance. Unicity Sciences believes it is better to address the root behavior of an issue rather than address issues symptomatically. And they've developed a solution that works for all. 

For so many people, the root cause is lack of support from trained individuals that can assist a person in accomplishing their health goals - whether that goal is losing weight and supporting healthy blood cholesterol and glucose levels, or establishing and maintaining healthy eating habits and a vibrant exercise program for life. With many unhealthy conditions destroying the lives of so many people, Unicity Sciences had to find a solution to the worldwide pandemic. The result is the Make Life Better Transformation. 


The foundation of the Make Life Better Transformation is constructed from the rigorous research and development done by the experts at Unicity Sciences. By better understanding how the body works, they've been able to develop principles anyone can use to improve their own health and well being. Your own long-term success will come as you learn to adapt these principles into your life. 

To facilitate this, Unicity Sciences had developed the online Success Tracker - software that will allow you to record your food intake, your exercise, and other factors. Your Success Coach will also help you establish effective fitness and nutrition habits, as well as help you develop the knowledge and ongoing support you need to continue your success. 

Make Life Better Transformation participants will also be able to take part in the Make Life Better Transformation Contest. The chance to win great prizes - including lifestyle trips for you and a guest to exotic locations - is just a little extra motivation to help keep you on track. 
When combined with world-class products that help you maximize the efforts you'll already be taking, and with science-based nutrition and fitness, the Make Life Better Transformation can help you achieve a healthier you.

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