Monday, February 20, 2012

Real People, Real Stories

I would like to share a few stories with you these are Bios Life Slim Reviews from people who have used the product and seen results!  Read these true stories, this could be you!

I got the results of my blood work back this afternoon (11/17/08).  Total cholesterol is at 173.  Started at 368 in May.  Triglycerides dropped from 169 to 115.  That should help my story with the 54 pounds and 22 inches lost so far!

Have a blessed day!

John Denman


I thought I would update you on my progress with Bios Slim because I was stalemated for awhile.
I still weigh 165 but I am in size 8 pants, down from 14!!!
I can't believe it.  My blood pressure was never high but it is back to being quiet low, I don't crave sweets and when I chose to eat them can't eat much at all.  I have more energy.  I sleep better.
I have only gone down 1 size on the top darn it, wouldn't mind a little more off there and the waist but maybe it will come.
I had upped my Bios Slim to 3x/day.  I have gone back down to twice for now.  I don't want to get top heavy!!!  I have a friend on it now who has already lost an inch from her middle in a week.


My body fat was 21% as of February 28, 2008 ( a moderate level according to a nurse at my fitness center) and as of October 28, 2008, it was down to 16.3% which I'm proud to say is recommended for athletes (I like to consider myself one).  I feel fantastic and have improved on my Army Physical Fitness Test which I just took today, November 4, 2008...scoring a 100 out of 100 points for the 2 mile run, a 100 out of 100 points for push ups and 76 out of 100 points for sit-ups and I plan on turning that 76 into a 100!  I credit this fitness level to several things...watching what I eat, exercising my cardiovascular as well as strength training and BIOSLIFE SLIM.  According to the fitness test I took at my fitness center, I have the body age of a 30 year old (and I'm 38 years old y'all)!!!  I'm telling EVERYONE to stick with it (the eating, working out and BIOSLIFE SLIM) because I didn't feel like I was seeing physical results at first and I was disgusted but I just said that I'm going to stick with it because I did see a change in my "regularity" as well as not being able to eat as much as I'd like.  For instance, tonight is the elections and I bought chips and dip to celebrate the APFT test I took earlier and watch the elections results but I'm full from BIOSLIFE SLIM and dinner so I can't (I don't do this regularly but I believe it's okay to "splurge" once in a blue moon). Don't get discouraged...just keep at it and most importantly, keep at it ALL....watching what goes in your body, exercising it in multiple ways (cardio AND strength) and of course, BIOS LIFE SLIM.  I'm going to continue to take it and I'll let y'all know when I get a 100 out of 100 points for the sit ups!

P.S.....I've been watching what I eat and exercising for awhile a didn't see these results until I added BIOS LIFE SLIM to the mix!!!


Ms. Christie,
Thank you for checking on me.  I started the Bioslim program on 11/5.  As of 11/12, I have lost 6.5 pounds and 7 inches.  I am so excited.

~Wanda Johnson


I'm so garteful that not only has this product helped me lose 10 inches in 3 weeks, but it has helped my IBS/Ulcerative colitis symptoms, which I've been struggling with for almost 5 yrs.  The Bios Life Slim has made me feel better intestinal-wise.  I have more energy and it has decreased my appetite.  I cannot wait to see the end results.



  1. Can't wait to find out more about this product! I found you on WBC and am now following you.

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