Friday, March 9, 2012

Taking Bios Life with Medications


Thyroid Medications
Most thyroid medication has to be taken on an empty stomach. Treat Bios Life SLIM just as you treat
food: take your Thyroid medication one hour before SLIM (or eating) and at least four hours
after taking SLIM or eating).

Blood Thinners
There is no Vitamin K in Bios Life SLIM to alter the INR level of patients on Coumadin/Warfarin therapy.
As long as your blood thinning medication can be taken with food, you can take Bios Life SLIM. If it needs to be taken on an empty stomach, take one hour before or four hours after taking Slim or eating. **If you have had difficulty managing your INR level on Coumadin/Warfarin, check with your physician first prior to staring Bios Life SLIM.

Blood Pressure Medication
Bios Life SLIM contains no caffeine or stimulants that can raise blood pressure, increase heart rate, or
cause irregular heartbeats. Again, if your blood pressure medication can be taken with food, you can take Bios Life SLIM.

Reflux "Gerd" Medications
Bios Life SLIM has been shown to promote digestive function. There are 5 different types of fiber in SLIM that form a gel matrix in your stomach after being ingested. This “thickening” of liquid or gel formation actually makes it more difficult for your upper digestive tract to regurgitate the contents of the stomach. By taking Bios Life SLIM along with your GERD medications, you may see even less reflux symptoms.

Cholesterol Medications
Bios LIFE SLIM can be taken with other cholesterol medications. Bios Life has three indications for
cholesterol optimization:

In people with normal cholesterol, to prevent the development of abnormal cholesterol profiles (especially those with a family history).  As a primary natural treatment for those who have mildly, abnormal cholesterol. In combination with other cholesterol-­‐lowering medications to enhance the overall cholesterol optimization and potentially decrease the amount of medication (Statin medications in particular), thus decreasing the risk for potential side effects.

**If you are currently taking cholesterol medications and starting Bios Life SLIM, DO NOT STOP your cholesterol medication. Abrupt discontinuation of statin or other cholesterol-­‐lowering agents can cause a drastic increase in one or more of the cholesterol profile components.

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