Saturday, March 10, 2012

Wisconsin Seminar with T. Gray

This week I went to WI for a special seminar put on by Terrance Gray of Houston, TX....his story is awe inspiring, he is hilarious and he is REAL.

WI seminar attendees trying Matcha!

Our product, Unicity Bios Life is changing people's lives,

.....Matt is wheelchair bound, he took Bios Life Slim 3 times a day and lost 21 lbs in 6 weeks as well as cut his 18 medications in half and his comment was, "and I didn't even exercise!"

Unicity Bios Life is creating one story after another, from health, to yes, wealth!  Julie, our team leader received a $6,000 bonus a week before Christmas and is making over $6,000 a month after being with Unicity for only 2 years!

Cliff in Canada went from rags to riches and is making over $60,000 per month and has been in the business for only a year!

What is your story?

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