Thursday, March 28, 2013

Great Low Carb Dessert Cook Book

FAT TO SKINNY Sugar Free Bakery book

Quite a few years ago our family was vacationing in Florida, we ended up at the Florida State Fair, which by the way was pretty awesome!  We live in MN, and our State Fair is gigantic, so we thought the Florida State Fair to be rather small....but what it lacked in size it made up for in adventure!

While there we stumbled upon Doug Varrieur, we talked to him a bit, my husband was very interested in his cook book, Fat to Skinny, but, now, you have to know my husband.....he simply cannot buy anything without making sure he can't buy it elsewhere for less.  So....after talking to Doug for quite a bit we left, on our way out of the fair, my hubby decided to go back and buy the book.  BUT...he came back empty handed.   We got back to our camper, and were pretty bummed, we couldn't find the Cook Book any where, so we ended up ordering it.  

Once we go the book we dove right in.  Doug recommends 20 carbs a day.  That is NOT easy.

We no longer eat only 20 carbs a day, but his cook book remains a staple in my kitchen, when Doug published his Sugar Free Bakery Book I bought that as well.  Great tasting recipes.

The two cook books go hand in hand, and I really enjoy the Sugar Free Bakery book, it's not always easy to find great dessert recipes, and Doug has a no frills approach which is really rather refreshing.

I now use my Sugar Free Bakery Book and my Fat to Skinny book along with my Unicity products to live a healthy lifestyle.  It's really quite amazing how different you feel when living a healthy life style.

Some of the recipes you'll find in the Sugar Free Bakery Book are:
Cinnamon Coffee Cake Swirls
Pumpkin Caramel Cake
Blueberry Whip Cream Pie
Chocolate Cake Frosting
Garlic Biscuits

...if you're a dessert junkie or have one living in your household this is a great recipe book to have on hand, some of the ingredients are a bit difficult to find, but, Doug was thinking of that too when writing this book.  There are online links available for purchasing many of the recommended products in the cookbook!


...and another great thing about this cookbook is the online reader support and there are helpful tips and tricks in the cook book as well as nutrition facts listed on each recipe.

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